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cases de impact

HUMAN TALENT specializes in designing Processes, programs and products tailored to the real or ACCORDING perceived needs; That Means That every intervention is Executed from a diagnosis of the current situation of the company or organization and any proposal presented is based on the eventual status settlement to be Achieved. To this end, the company has a group of consultants and Associated willing to plant bilingual Participate in Processes and locations as required. Examples of esta methodology can be Mentioned six (6) in recent years interventions:FAC

Fuerza Aérea Colombiana – Jefatura de Doctrina Aeroespacial.

  • Diagnosis of Organizational Culture of the Colombian Air Force by applying two methods of prospective science: Structural Analysis and The abacus Francois Regnier, through the leadership of Human Resources Command FACComprehensive training and appropriation of Knowledge Management Model of lessons learned and creating a data tank Aerospace Doctrine.

CIAT (CGIAR en Inglés) – Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical –.

  • Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Initiative: Rome Italy.
    Diagnostic Model Organizational Culture with international recognition. links:Diagnosis of culture, climate and organizational change global impact by applying the abacus Francois Regnier. We recorded the credit granted at international level:

http://www.cgiar-ilac.org/content/chapter-9-culture-study-tool-change Documento PDF



  • Training of trainers for technological transition. Creating a force trainers to manage organizational change to Phoenix technology.


  • strategic direction and management of administrative processes and organization; training and development of the management team of the company.

POLICÍA NACIONAL – METROPOLITANA DE BOGOTÁ – Jefaturas de diferentes Unidades.

  • Support for the appropriation and use of the model of comprehensive Balanced Scorecard - Balanced Scorecard - according to new government guidelines for managing national forces.

POLICÍA NACIONAL – Áreas de Planeación y Seguridad Ciudadana.

  • Design Year 2019 Strategic Foresight two key variables in strategic management; planning and public safety.


Preparation five textbooks in 2009 called, "Education for Entrepreneurship" with virtual support for development of entrepreneurship in young Colombian and Latin American; Grupo Editorial Norma, Bogotá, Colombia and seven Latin American countries. ISBN 978-958-45-1974-0

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